Match Report (Game 3)

by Ref Andrew F


The players in randomised formation

First Third

The All Sartres got off to a good start, scoring with impunity against the other two teams with little support, conceding 4 but scoring 6. The Pys and Geometers responded in kind but couldn’t quite overcome the temptation to score against each other when the opportunity presented itself.

Significant defence from the Pys’ Sam, Trevor and Margaret kept their conceded goals to 3 and the leading position at the first break.


All Sartres: -4
Atletico Geometry: -5
Pythagoras 3SFC -3


Margaret kicks out on the lush pastures of St Kilda Primary School

Second third

The young legs of All Sartres’ Felix, combined with great passing from Andrew W, Gavin and Dick, pressed the All Sartres’ attack, scoring another 6 goals against the Geometers and the Pys.

Persistent attempts at collaboration by the Geometers against the All Sartres went unanswered with the Pys paying lip service to an alliance before being tempted to score against their wannabe allies another 3 times.

The All Sartres closed the third as leaders, having not conceded a single goal in the third.


All Sartres: -4
Atletico Geometry: -10
Pythagoas 3SFC: -8


Trevor takes a run through the centre (again)

Final Third

The final third finally saw some significant collaboration between the Geometers and the Pys. Numerous assists from various Geometers to Trevor from the Pys slotted 6 goals against the All Sartres in quick succession.

The Geometers attempted some fancy passing tactics and scored the first own goal with no other team in their third at the time.

The Pys conceded only 1 in the final third with some stellar defence that involved repeated body checking on Sam, and Margaret putting her body on the line to stop an attack and having to go off temporarily.

The Pys’ tight defence in the final third notched up their second win of the season.

Final Scores:

All Sartres: -10
Atletico Geometry: -14
Pythagoras 3SFC: -9


Margaret (nose)


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