Match Report (Game 5)

27 July 2014

by Ref Andrew F

The setting for the penultimate match of the first 3 sided football season was a brisk but sunny affair – a fine Melbourne winter morning, perfect for a game of football.

With several regular players away and some tardiness amongst some of the regulars, some significant team reshuffles occurred in order to get 4 adults and a child on each of the three teams however balance was finally reached. After previous matches with some injuries due to balls in the face, our referee gave a stern pre-match talking to all players about hard kicks above waist height – suggesting penalties may be given.

With that out of the way, the three teams took to their respective thirds and play commenced.









First Third:

The sunshine appeared to have brought with it enthusiasm and verve to the players with all teams fighting hard for possession and attacking both of their opponents fiercely. The All Sartres finally managed to get first blood against the Geometers however the Geometers quickly responded in kind bringing both teams to -1. The continued rivalry of these two teams was watched with amusement by the Pys who closed out the third in the lead.

Goals Scored:

AG: 1

Pys: 0

AS: 1


Atletico Geometry: -1

Pythagoras 3FC: 0

All Sartres: -1

Second third:

With the arrival of several more players the kids were relegated to substitute duty. Unfortunately this resulted in considerable discontent including a pitch invasion. Once the authorities (Damian) had sorted out the kids (took them off to play something else), play was resumed in earnest.

The Pys unbottled their trademark aggressive style of play, scoring four goals in rapid succession against the Geometers. However the Geometers teamed up with the Sartres to score four against the Pys in a remarkable display of allegiance building to apply pressure where it was needed.

Two goals required player and external review in order to determine their validity, one being awarded and one not being given – thus showing the need for a video referee and line refs to help professionalise the game.

As a result of the ongoing battle between the Pys and the Geometers, the All Sartres managed to concede a single goal as a result of an own handball deflecting into the goal.

Going into the break, it looked like it would be the Sartres match to lose, with the Geometers well out of the running.

Goals Scored:

AG: 1

Pys: 4

AS: 3


Atletico Geometry: -5

Pythagoras 3FC: -4

All Satres: -2

Third Third:

As the tired teams took to the field for the final third, there was much discussion between the Geometers and the Pys. The Sartres had looked comfortable in their position, only conceding a goal in each of the previous terms. The Sartres knew they were going to come under pressure so immediately deployed a tightly defensive formation.

At the whistle the Pys and Geometers attacked the Sartres hard, collaborating well and out-passing and running the harried Sartres.

Goals came rapidly. The Geometers and Pys both struck the Sartres hard, scoring four against them, levelling all of the teams once more. Realising they were back in contention for a win, the Geometers turned coat on their allies and put two away in the Pys goal. In the final moments the scores ended up level with -6 apiece.

The team allegiances fell apart as each team attempted attacks against each of their two opponents. In the dying seconds, a breakthrough was had by the Geometers against the Pys, forcing the Pys out of contention.

At the closing whistle, the Pys had lost, but who had won the match between the Geometers and the Sartres?

Goals Scored:

AG: 5

Pys: 2

AS: 1


Atletico Geometry: -6

Pythagoras 3FC: -7

All Satres: -6


Due to a tie between two teams, the winner is determined by the team who scored the most goals. All Sartres scored 5, Atletico Geometry scored 7.

Thus the winner of the match was Atletico Geometry, notching up their first win of the Winter 2014 season.


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