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All Sartres Pick Up Where They Left Off

The All Sartres have kicked off the 2015 Autumn season with a win, following their Spring Premiership in 2014.

Each team managed to field 3 players each, but are hoping to increase numbers as the season rolls on.

All prospective players 15 and over are welcome to participate. If you’re interested in coming down for a game you’ll find it’s fun, competitive, occasionally hard work and completely unintimidating (the game is largely populated by hacks in their 40s).

Come and see us on Sunday 15 March at 10am at St Kilda Primary School oval.


3 Sided Football Resumes this Sunday

The Lush St Kilda Primary School Pitch

The Lush St Kilda Primary School Pitch

The long awaited return of Australia’s inaugural 3-Sided Football competition returns this Sunday.

Can the St Kilda All Sartres pick up from where they left off with a premiership in the Spring competition, can Pythagoras 3FC return to winter premiership form, or can Atletico Geometry begin their quest for an elusive first title?  Impossible to tell really.

3-Sided football, with its philosophical and mathematical origins (which are largely disregarded once the boots are pulled on) will resume at 10am on the picture perfect St Kilda Primary School oval on the corner of Chapel St and Brighton Rd St Kilda.

Be there to participate, watch and shout abuse.  All welcome. See our ‘About’ page for an overview.

Meanwhile, allow this game to inspire you:



All Sartres Take Out Spring Premiership


Sartre, cock-a-hoop, celebrates with a ciggie

The St Kilda All Sartres, with 3 consecutive wins to round out the season, have won the 2014 Spring Premiership over a gallant Atletico Geometry.

The Geometers won the first 2 games of the season, and could perhaps be forgiven for metaphorically running around the streets of St Kilda with their jerseys draped over their heads, or even metaphysically wondering whether they are actually in St Kilda at all, but whichever way you look at it, they took their eyes of the physical, metaphysical and metaphorical ball, and allowed the All Sartres to slip under the radar (metaphorically) and crack the season (metaphorically) wide open.

Meanwhile Pythagoras 3FC were caught with their metaphorical pants down and finished last without a win to their prestigious name.  Pythagoras would be furious. I can picture him now, slamming down his set square and storming off the pitch in search of an ouzo.

Spring Season Underway (actually, it’s nearly over)


St Kilda Primary School Oval in need of attention

Ok, the first 3 games of the 2014 Spring season have passed, and finally a blog post has arrived.

So, in summary:

Game One (back on 12 October on the by now hard and dry St Kilda primary school pitch), was an abolsute ripper, resulting in a 3-way tie between old rivals Pythagorus 3FC (-2), the St Kilda All Sartres (also -2) and Atletico Geometry (predictably, also on -2).  Atletico Geometry, the maroon bastards, finished with a win on countback (i.e. they kicked the most goals).

Game Two was equally ‘ripper’, or perhaps this one was a cracker but, and regardless of which superlative you choose, also had to be decided on countback following another tie, also at minus 2. Again, Atletico Geometry won.  You might be forgiven for thinking these games were in fact one game.  I’m here to tell you they weren’t because they took place on different dates.

Game Three, controversially relocated to Fawkner Park in South Yarra due to a camp out on the school oval (the disrespect is incredible, I think you’ll agree), was not a tie, and was not won by Atletico Geometry, making it easy to distinguish from the first two games, and it was also, conveniently, played on a different date.  This all assumes that you feel the need to differentiate the games.  I do, but perhaps that’s just me.  Anyway, the St Kilda All Sartres took this one out, conceding 3 goals but booting 7. Final scores were All Sartres (-3), Pythagoras (-4) and Geometers (-6).

So after 3 games Atletico Geometry sit atop the ladder with 2 wins, the All Sartres are second with 1 win, and Pythagoras, with a devastating premiership hangover, are on the bottom, winless.

Pythagoras 3FC Takes Out the 2014 Winter Trophy







With 4 wins from 7 games, Pythagoras 3FC has taken out the inaugural St Kilda 3 Sided Football trophy.  Someone needs to come up with a more concise name for it.  Perhaps the STK3SFT.  Anyway, they are the champions despite, during the last few games of the season,  missing star forward Trevor to immigration control.

The All Sartres came in a distant second with 2 wins, and the Geometers floundered on the bottom with just 1.  Although, really, and completely objectively, there wasn’t much in it.

By the way, it’s important to note a few things.  Firstly, the previous post alluded to the game played on 27 July being the penultimate of the winter season.  Turns out it wasn’t.  Nobody knows who to blame, but somehow a total of 7 games were played, and nobody really noticed.

Furthermore, Pythagoras officially won the premiership way back on 7 September, but I’d forgotten my wordpress log-in details and have only just remembered the very long and convoluted password which, at the time, I thought was ingenious but, as it happens, was way too clever for me to remember.  So, you know, I had to go through all the rigmarole of ordering another password through the mail.  After weeks of checking the letterbox, it turns out they meant email.  The information superhighway continues to surprise and delight.

Stay tuned for an update, because there are 2 important things that have happened:

1. Referee Andrew F (who has, confusingly, decided to start playing and referring at the same time) has introduced a raft of new rules, inspired by the changes happening at international league headquarters in London.  I won’t give the game away just yet (although those of you who played last weekend will have an inkling), but one of the major rule changes involves hands.

Huh, I might even create a new page on this blog outlining the rules.  That’s a great idea, Dick.  Thanks.

2. The first 2 games of the Spring season have been played, as well as a much derided 2 sided practice match.  The reason these haven’t been reported yet?  See the password debacle above.

Thanks for reading.